Chronos Clock 5.01

Chronos Clock 5.01

It s a program capable of displaying multiple international clocks and timers
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Chronos Clock is a comprehensive clock for your desktop that allows you to have multiple clocks showing different time zones. You can add a name to all of your clocks to recognize them more easily and customize the time format, color and font. You can choose a digital or analog clock with different skins. You can also display the current date in multiple formats. If you click the auto hide option, the clock will disappear after a few seconds and then you can reactivate it by clicking on the system tray icon. All the clocks can be moved across the screen, but you won't be able to customize their size. Unfortunately, there is no an option to set a transparency level, which could be very useful for this type of clock.

Chronos Clock also includes alarms, timer, calendar and reminders. It even includes a time converter to compare the time in two parts of the world. Regarding the alarms, you can customize the frequency and activation time, and there are multiple actions to choose from. You can set the alarm to display a text alert, speak an alert, announce an alert with MSAgent, play a sound or a CD, run a program, etc.

To sum up, Chronos Clock is a wonderful clock for your desktop that will be especially helpful if you need to have multiple clocks, and it offers lots of functions that can be of great help in your daily life.

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  • Multiple skins
  • Includes alarms, calendar, time converter, timer, and reminders
  • Easy to use
  • You can have multiple clocks
  • Lots of alarm actions


  • Skins are not very attractive
  • No transparency feature
  • You cannot customize the size of the clock


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